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Many restaurants specify where the products they use come from and who raised them. Dishes cooked by a chef with beautifully and carefully raised products are not only delicious, but also safe. We will introduce the food producers who attract top chefs, and how these producers handle their products.


FEATURE:1から作り上げた石川県・ハイディワイナリーの「ワイン」 能登半島西海岸の風土を感じるブドウの栽培からはじまる村づくり FEATURE:1The “wine” of Heidee Winery has built the history of wineries in Ishikawa prefecture.
The viniculture in the west coast of Noto Peninsula is making use of the “Terroir”. The winery is also the starting point to building a village.


Masaki Takasaku


I wanted to create a lively place from nothing. This thought led me to the idea of “building a village” and viniculture. I have been often asked why I chose Wajima city in Ishikawa prefecture where there had been no wineries. Well, there are 2 main reasons.

 The 1st reason is because it was my father’s hometown with lots of memories. The 2nd reason is that this land seemed suited to produce good grapes for wine. Wajima city has been formed by a bulge from an eruption, and therefore there are no high mountains nor much plain area. There is an abundance of ground water, and the soil is clayey yet has good drainage. We have made use of these rare features of the land to create the unique winery expressing the climate.

In the first year of the winery (2012), we started by cultivating 600 vines of Sauvignon Blanc. Currently, 4 years since then, we expanded to produce 6,500 bottles of wine with 7 different kinds of grapes. As we did not have any result at first, we had to start by testing everything to cultivate grapes and control their production, which took much time and energy. I currently realize that such efforts have made “Heidee” to be the unique winery. However, the world of wine is very deep and we still have to keep learning new things.

During tasting and producing delicious wine with various procedures for the vintage, I personally like the procedure called “pigeage (punching down)” that is a procedure to check the quality of grape and fermentation condition of yeast. I feel it worthwhile and fulfilling when imagining the wine made from the ingredients and the clients enjoying it.

In the near future, I would like to build a fun “village” around Heidee Winery, with vineyards, restaurants, and hotels where many people visit even from the other side of the world.


  • 『オマールブルーと鱚のミキュイ コンソメジュレ添え』
  • 『白ワイン・赤ワイン』
  • キャリエ
    French at Shibuya, Tokyo
    Italian at Ebisu, Tokyo

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高坂和鶏/兵庫 Takasaka Wadori, Hyogo

ブレス鶏にも比べられる名鶏「高坂鶏」をベースに、自らの店に合わせて独自に開発した「高坂和鶏」 Takasaka is a great chicken, sometimes comparable to Bresse chicken
鳥料理/東京・銀座 Japanese, Ginza at Tokyo

高坂英樹さん Mr. Hideki Takasaka

Mr. Takasaka, who started his job as an entrepreneur and then found his calling as a poultry man.

Takasaka chicken, prioritising tenderness and tastiness, and raised only for 【Tatemori】


たて森 Tatemori

Mr. Tatemori, who trained at Japanese restaurants in Japan and also abroad, finding possibilities of Chicken cuisine.

Takasakiwadori Course: you can taste the whole chicken.


Chef Mamoru Tatemori has a brilliant work history at Japanese restaurants. When he left them to start his own work, he collaborated with Mr. Takasaka, a poultry man, to create their own brand chicken, Takasakiwadori. Mr. Tatemori wanted a special firmness and tenderness. ‘Firmness and tenderness are opposed. I thought it was impossible and said no many times,’ laughs Mr. Takasaka. However it inspired him to research composition of feed to create the ideal chicken.


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